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Dr. Spock on Vietnam

Published on: December 4, 2016

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by Benjamin Spock, Mitchell Zimmerman



How did we get in?
and how do we get out?
These are the key questions that world-famed Dr. Benjamin Spock faces in this unique and important book (1968). He gives his views on the past, present and possible future of U.S. involvement. He dodges no issues in examining every aspect of the situation, and he minces no words in separating fact from myth. He has written a powerful message to the American people – and a heartfelt warning.

Dr. Benjamin Spock is the author of Baby and Child Care, America’s all-time bestseller with over nineteen million copies sold. In recent years Dr. Spock has devoted much of his time to the cause of peace in the world – a logical continuation of the rich humanitarianism that has marked his entire career. Mitchell Zimmerman is a twenty-five year old New Yorker who has studied political science at the City College of New York and at Princetown University, where he received his Master’s degree.


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