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Burt Cohen, Pretending Won’t Make Vietnam Go Away an interview with Deryle Perryman

Published on: May 20, 2015

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This interview originally appeared Pretending Won’t Make Vietnam Go Away.

Who cares if the government keeps lying about Vietnam? It was 50 years ago, let’s just forget it. Problem is the effects are very much with us to this day. And the Pentagon is spending $65 million of your money to whitewash reality, to make us believe a narrative that is simply not true. The real question is: why are they doing this? Deryle Perryman saw action in the Central Highlands in 1968 and knows the truth, and he, along with many other vets, are taking action to heal the continuing wounds, not cover them up. These vets have gone back to Vietnam and made friends with guys who were the enemy they were trying to kill, as they tried to kill Americans. How does that heal? Why must we learn from Vietnam? Give a listen.


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