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  • South Vietnamese fled Saigon in April 1975 with the help of the American military, as Communist forces from the north entered the city. Credit Dirck Halstead/Getty Images Our Vietnam War Never Ended
  • US paratroopers of the 2nd Battalion, 173rd Airborne Brigade, hold their automatic weapons above water as they cross a river in the rain during a search for Vietcong positions in the jungle area of Ben Cat on 25 September 1965. The paratroopers had been combing the area for 12 days with no enemy contact
Photograph: Henri Huet/AP Vietnam: The Real War – in pictures
  • 13614059403_979713aa97_k The dangerous search for Vietnam’s undetonated bombs by Barry...
  • Dick-Cavetts-Vietnam-Title-Treatment-WITH-TEXT Will the Vietnam War Ever Go Away? by Dick...

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Mission statement:

The Full Disclosure campaign is a Veterans For Peace effort to speak truth to power and keep alive the antiwar perspective on the American war in Viet Nam -- which is now approaching a series of 50th anniversary events. It represents a clear alternative to the Pentagon's current efforts to sanitize and mythologize the Vietnam war and to thereby legitimize further unnecessary and destructive wars.

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  1. Veterans For Peace Annual Tour To Viet Nam – Spring 2015

    April 16 - May 2
  2. Film showing: Beyond The Divide

    April 30
  3. Vietnam the Power of Protest – Join our Webinar Thursday April 30th at 4:00 pm est

    April 30 @ 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm
  4. Vietnam: The Power of Protest. Telling the Truth. Learning the Lessons

    May 1 - May 2
  5. No Sir! Whistleblowing & GI Resistance During the Vietnam War

    May 5 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

" The Wall " - 1986 by Mike Hastie Army Medic Vietnam

This Week in History:

April 20, 1965 Honolulu Conference – Senior officials meet and propose sending an additional 17 U.S. / Free World Battalions to South Vietnam to establish four brigade-sized enclaves at Biên Hòa-Vũng Tàu, Chu Lai, Qui Nhơn and Quảng Ngãi.

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